Estimate & Purchase
Material Selection

You can provide us your drawings, dimensions and design details to get an estimate from us. After our offer is accepted and the initial payment provided, we’ll coordinate with you to schedule your template appointment. If your cabinets are set, you'll have our templator at your job site within 48H. He will take the final measurements for your countertop and verify all the details of your purchase. 

After your template is complete, we will verify if the estimate covers all the costs related to your project. We can see from the template if there’s an increase of square footage that can affect the price. You will be immediately contacted to discuss the options available.

You can choose from a wide selection of materials for your project. From natural stone options like granite or marble to engineered such as quartz or Dekton, we’ll help you through the process of carefully selecting the one that suits your needs, your budget and personal taste.

Granite, marble or any other natural stone vary drastically from bundle to bundle, therefore it’s required you to approve the slabs to be used for your project. Once the slabs are selected, they will be shipped to our shop to be fabricated.

When the slabs arrive at our shop, we’ll check them thoroughly before starting fabrication. Once your tops are ready to install, we'll contact you to schedule an appointment. It'll be required you to have the final cabinets already installed in your kitchen. Our team members will proceed with the installation process of the tops, which'll take around 4-6 hours to be completed.


After finished, you’ll perform a thorough inspection of your new countertops. Our goal is you to be 100% satisfied with our work. It’ll take around 10 days from your purchase date until your installation.